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2 hour session- $120

4 hour session- $240 (when booking, schedule two sessions back-to-back)

Up to 6 individuals may be in the energy room during the session

10%  discount info below

Contact us to schedule child sessions ($60 for two hours)

Discounted Packages
(Includes 10% discount for Unifyd TV members, Seniors, Veterans, People who are Disabled, Underserved/Underrepresented)

4 sessions (8 hours) 15% off - $408
6 sessions (12 hours) 20% off - $576
8 sessions (16 hours) 25% off - $720
10 sessions (20 hours) 30% off - $840
12 sessions (24 hours) 35% off - $936

How to book your session(s) with a prepaid package
After purchasing a package, book sessions by signing into the client portal or by booking a regular adult session. Your credits will be automatically applied to your booking once you sign in.


8:30 p.m. - 6:30 a.m. 

$500/night (10 hours)
+$250 for additional guest

Discount Price
  $450/night (10 hours) + $225 for additional guest

Private Groups     

Book a private group/event          starting at $500

Contact us to discuss event details, max capacity, and pricing

Gift Cards

Gift Cards come in $120 increments (cost of a session) or $50.

Discount Voucher Code: GIFTCARD10 

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We offer a 10% discount to Unifyd TV members, seniors, veterans,  people who are disabled, and anyone who believes they are part of a historically underserved or underrepresented group. Please use the following voucher codes. 

Discounts cannot be combined.

Booking Information

Stairs: 8 stairs to the mid-way platform, then another 8 stairs.

Stairs: 8 stairs to the mid-way platform, then another 8 stairs. 

In-home center, accesibility & values

In-home: Our center is located in a residential neighborhood and is home to a busy family with two active toddlers and a friendly cat named Olive. We appreciate your patience and grace for the occasional interruption. The Energy Room is equipped with light music and many clients may choose to use earplugs or listen to meditations on the provided head sets.

Accessibility: The Energy Room is located in the basement of the home. There are two sets of carpeted stairs (8 steps each) to access  the center.  There is a bathroom on the main floor of the home as well as a bathroom in the basement near the Energy Room.

Values: In our home, we welcome a diversity of people, beliefs, and ways of life. All are welcome here.